Alerts provide members with an additional layer of security by notifying members via text message or email when there has been certain changes to your online banking account. If you’ve been alerted to suspicious activity in your account, you can let us know right away and together we can take immediate action to fix it.

Alerts are free to use but we recommending checking with your service provider about applicable data and text rates.

There are different types of alerts you can access in online banking. Here are the alerts we offer our members:

Security Alerts

  • New bill payment payee has been added
  • Online banking account has been locked out due to Incorrect Response to Security Question and/or Incorrect PAC/Password
  • Account has been logged into online
  • PAC/Password has been changed
  • Interac e-Transfer® recipient has been added
  • ATM balance inquiry

Transactional Alerts

  • Insufficient funds notices
  • When an account balance drops below a pre-set minimum
  • Scheduled payments that may fail or that have failed
  • Account balances, current or available, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • When an account balance is below a specified amount 
  • When a deposit has been made to an account
  • When a withdrawal has been made to an account (min $100)

Payment Alerts

  • When a scheduled payment or transfer may fail as a result of insufficient funds
  • When an account is overdrawn or a line of credit has been overextended
  • If a scheduled payment has not been processed on the due date
  • If a scheduled transfer has not been processed on the due date

Investment and Loan Alerts

  • Loans and mortgage payments that are due or about to mature
  • Term investments that are about to mature

How to Set up Alerts

  1. Log in to Online Banking.
  2. Navigate to the “Messages and Alerts” tab, click “Manage Alerts” and register.
  3. You will be asked to accept the Alerts Agreement before you can register.
  4. Add an email contact, phone number (or both), and follow the instructions received in the confirmation email or text.
  5. Select account nicknames and choose which alert you want to receive.

Don’t wait – set up your alerts today!

TIP: What to do if your device is lost/stolen.

If your device ever goes missing, contact your mobile carrier to have your mobile device deactivated, then login to Online Banking to deactivate your alerts. When you get a new phone, simply login to Online Banking and edit your Alerts Contact information to include your new mobile number and update your active Alerts with your new number.

e-Transfer outages: Please note that members will not be able to send money via e-Transfer beginning May 3rd at 12:00 p.m. or receive money via e-Transfer beginning May 5th at 5:00 p.m. until Sunday, May 9.
Important: We are upgrading to a new digital banking platform. Please update or verify your mobile number or personal email by June 1st to access online banking post-upgrade. Learn more>>