Debit Card

Crosstown Civic is proud to provide our members with Flash-enabled Interac Debit® cards. Easy-to-use, convenient, and free with your membership, Interac Flash® makes every purchase effortless.

With your Interac Flash® Debit Card you get:

  • 24-hour access to your accounts
  • Free access at any Manitoba credit union ATM
  • Access at ATM machines throughout the world displaying any of these logos: Interac®, AccuLink®, Cirrus®, Maestro®

How to Use Your Interac Flash® Debit Card

For point-of-sale purchases, simply tap your CCCU Debit Card to the terminal's screen or insert and enter your secure PIN. It’s simple and secure.

At an ATM, you can:

  • Obtain account balances
  • Make cash withdrawals and deposits
  • Transfer money from one account type to another (within the same account number only)

Visit your local branch to get your Crosstown Civic Debit Card today!

Effective Monday, July 13, our 171 Donald Street branch will join the seven suburban branches and reopen to members at regular business hours.
The Winnipeg Square branch will remain available by phone only. Find out more.