Term Deposits


Looking for a low-risk way to dip your toe into investing? A GIC may be the right solution for you.

A Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC), or term deposit, is a secure, low-risk investment product with a guaranteed rate of return over a fixed period. 100% protected by the Deposit Guarantee Corporation of Manitoba, GICs are perfect for members with a low-risk appetite looking for steady investment growth.

Crosstown Civic GICs offer:

  • Competitive rates
  • Flexible terms – from 30 days to 7 years
  • Flexible interest payouts – paid annually or compounded (added to the GIC)

PLUS you can choose from an automatic renewal OR principle and interest paid to the deposit account of your choice.

Invest in your financial future today. Contact your local CCCU advisor to learn more about how you can get more from your money.


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