Savings Accounts

The entire purpose of a savings account is to earn money, not spend it, right? That’s why all of our savings accounts come with no monthly fee. Who wants to pay to save money?

If you’re looking for flexible ways to save, Crosstown Civic has the savings account that’s right for you.

Account Type


Ideal For

Premium Tiered Savings

The higher the balance, the higher the rate of return.

This account is perfect for those with additional funds they want to earn interest on, without locking them in to a term.

Long-term Saving

Premium Savings

The flexibility of a basic savings account + exceptional interest rates.

High returns on deposits without locking them in to a term.

Long-term Saving

Plan 24

A basic savings account that allows you to save at your own pace. Low transaction fees.

BONUS: free transaction fees if you maintain a $1000 daily closing balance.

Steady Saving

Golden Savings

A basic savings account with no monthly fees + no transaction fees.

Exclusively for members aged 59 years of age and over.

Steady Saving

USD Savings

No monthly fee + no minimum balance required. Interest earned is paid in U.S. dollars.

Great for members who do a lot of travelling down South.

U.S. Cash Holding

Just starting out? We’ve got the right products for you too!

>> Check out our Youth Account products.

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