Crosstown Civic Collabria Credit Cards

We are pleased to announce a fresh credit card offering through our new provider, Collabria Financial.

Through this program, we offer both Mastercard and Visa products, including a full suite of business cards. Collabria was selected by the CEO Payments Strategy Committee as the preferred credit card provider for Canadian credit unions. This partnership will allow us to improve our member experience, offer thorough financial services and have greater control over our credit card offering.

FlexRewards, the National Credit Card Program’s rewards program, will allow members to earn and redeem points on a variety of credit card products. The FlexRewards program provides our members with significant choice, flexibility and control by offering point redemption through travel, gift cards, merchandise or cash back.​


No Fee Cards


CrosstownCivicCU MC CashBack web

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Back Mastercard®

Earn cash rewards for everyday purchases.

It doesn't matter if you're buying groceries or gas, dining out with friends, getting a haircut or seeing the latest movie in a theatre. It all adds up to valuable cash back that can be redeemed as an account credit.

CrosstownCivicCU MC Student web 

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Student Mastercard®

Helping students build a strong financial future.

Whether you're looking to build credit or simply need a card for convenience and security, the Student Mastercard is the smart choice. There's no annual fee and most purchases are protected with an extended warranty. Using, building, and understanding credit couldn't be simpler.


Low Rate Cards


CrosstownCivicCU MC CentraGold web


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Centra Gold Mastercard®

A perfect balance of premium rewards and low rates.

Why pay more to carry a rewards credit card? The Centra Gold Mastercard helps you collect valuable reward points on the purchases you make on a regular basis. But you won’t break the budget with high fees or high interest rates.

CrosstownCivicCU MC Classic web


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Classic Mastercard®

Credit card convenience. Simple, easy and smart.

For simple use and savings, the Classic Mastercard is the choice for you. It keeps everything easy: a low annual fee, a low interest rate, and basic purchase protection. The only decision you’ll need to make is what to buy.

CrosstownCivicCU MC FlexRate web

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FlexRate Mastercard®

Your card. Your rewards. Your way.

With a credit line and interest rate customized to benefit your financial well-being and a wide-ranging rewards program, the FlexRate Mastercard gives you maximum flexibility for your lifestyle. You’ll earn reward points with every purchase, and you’ll have a variety of options for redeeming your points.


Travel and Rewards

CrosstownCivicCU MC TravelRewardsGold web






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Travel Rewards Gold Mastercard®

Your on-the-go travel companion.

The Travel Rewards Gold Mastercard is perfect for on-the-go lifestyles. From baggage coverage to emergency health coverage, you can travel with peace of mind. Plus, you'll earn rewards you can redeem for flights, hotel stays, cruises and more. It's the perfect card to get you there, and the perfect card to take along.

CrosstownCivicCU MC USDollar web


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US Dollar Mastercard®

Carry the card that's as rewarding as your US travel.

The US Dollar Mastercard is your key to earning the privileges you deserve - whenever you go to the United States or shop online with a US company. Because there are no foreign transaction fees for US purchases, this is the perfect card when you travel or shop in the US. The US Dollar Mastercard requires a US chequing account.

CrosstownCivicCU MC World web


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World Mastercard®

A wide world of privileges.

The World Mastercard is your key to earning the elite-level privileges you deserve. You'll be rewarded with unique
benefits and exceptional service wherever you go.

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