Lines of Credit

If you’re looking for a flexible, low-cost form of borrowing that YOU control, then a Crosstown Civic Line of Credit may be the right product for you. Once you’re approved, you have access to the funds you need. PLUS you only pay interest on the funds you use.

With a Crosstown Civic Line of Credit, you get:

  • Pre-approved credit limits
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Low minimum monthly payments
  • Access via online, mobile and telephone banking
  • Optional life and disability insurance for qualifying members

PLUS interest paid is eligible for bonus annually under our Member Rewards Plan.

Lines of credit offer lower interest rates than most credit cards and loans – saving you money in the end. They’re great for:

  • Renovations
  • Small debt consolidations*
  • Emergency access to credit

Not sure what you need? Your local Crosstown Civic Advisor is ready to help you get the funds you need, for whatever you need them for. Contact your local branch today.

Already know what you need? Apply online today.

The re-advanceable RSP Line of Credit (RLOC) is used for credit union RRSP products or Credential Financial RRSP product purchases. With the RLOC you can contribute additional funds to an RRSP to reach the full annual federal contribution limit. Ask your Crosstown Civic Advisor about the RLOC today!


Are you a student? The Student Line of Credit might be right for you!

  • Rates at Prime + 1.00%
  • The minimum payment is interest-only while in school
  • After graduation, the LOC is converted to a loan at the same preferred rate with regular payments to start reducing the balance outstanding.

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*Conditions apply. See branch for details.

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