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Forced password changes in online banking

photo-of-person-typing-on-computer-keyboard-735911 Changing your password on a regular basis keeps your information secure.

 Some members may be asked to change their PAC (password) when logging into online banking, on either desktop or the mobile application. In these cases, members are unable to proceed further into online banking unless they change their PAC.

Please note that our security settings require that PACs are changed after a certain period of time. This is an intentional security feature of the new banking system.

When we switched to our new banking system, one of the many positive new features was the strong PAC or password. Strong PACs require a mix of numbers, special characters, upper and lowercase letters for your password, making them secure and difficult to guess.

The best way to protect your information is to have a strong, hard-to-guess password. Here are some other best practices for online banking passwords:

  • Do not share your Personal Access Code (PAC) with anyone.
  • Never automatically save your PAC to your internet browser.
  • Choose a PAC that is easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess.
  • Do not keep your PAC in obvious places such as sticky notes around your monitor or under your keyboard.
  • Use a mix of numbers, special characters, upper and lowercase letters for your password.
  • Never disclose your PAC in a voicemail, email, or in conversation over the phone.
  • Ensure that you change your PAC on a regular basis.

As a reminder, Crosstown Civic Credit Union would never call, email or text to ask members for their PAC or password.

Visit our Security page for more tips on keeping your finances secure and protected.

MemberDirect Small Business Users with Delegates and Consolidated Accounts
Organizations with MemberDirect Small Business e-agreements that have delegates or consolidated accounts will require some additional steps after the signers have changed their PAC.

When the Strong PAC is expired for the signer who created the Delegate, the status for any Delegates that are available will have a status of Inactive. After the signer, who created the delegate, has logged in and changed their PAC they will need to edit the Delegate status to Active on the full site.

For any organizations with MDSB that currently have consolidated accounts whose Personal Access Codes have expired, on the Account Summary Screen the message "This consolidated account cannot be viewed at this time" will display for each consolidated account. Each consolidated account login will be required to update their strong PAC. After that has been completed they may then be re-added as a consolidated account.

If you have further questions or concerns, please contact Online Support at 204.942.1277 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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