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How we’re helping our communities combat COVID-19

kat-yukawa-K0E6E0a0R3A-unsplash Crosstown Civic has made a cash donation to Main Street Project, Siloam Mission, and Winnipeg Harvest.

We have been monitoring over the last few weeks local charitable organizations being hard at work due to the COVID-19 pandemic providing assistance and support to those most vulnerable. There are many organizations doing incredible things for our community and we wanted to do something to help. 

Crosstown Civic has made a cash donation to Main Street Project, Siloam Mission, and Winnipeg Harvest. Each organization is serving our vulnerable community with the shelter, food, and care they need in the ways they need it.

Main Street Project
MSP has not suspended essential services such as emergency shelter or food bank services. Instead, they are working to open the Mitchell Fabrics and 72 Martha Salvation Army facilities further as additional shelter spaces to ensure social distancing recommendations are met.

While MSP is accepting donations of coffee, bottled water, alcohol-based hand sanitizer, face masks, and non-perishable food items, Crosstown Civic will make a cash donation to support the expansion of the Mitchell Fabrics and Salvation Army spaces.

About Main Street Project

Siloam Mission
Siloam has scaled back programs and services to just the essentials: food, shelter, and primary health care, but still have 110 men and women currently staying in the emergency shelter and are still providing low-income individuals with meals via pick-up at the front doors.

Crosstown Civic will make a cash donation for food and supplies to provide more than 500 meals at lunch and at supper every day.

About Siloam Mission

Winnipeg Harvest
With job and wage loss happening across our province, the demand for food is increasing but Winnipeg Harvest's capacity is decreasing. In a normal month, WH provides food support to 70,000 people including 25,000 children via 300 food banks and agencies across the province. But with the pandemic, calls to the Emergency Food Line are up 30% and food donations are down 60%. WH anticipates the need to feed approximately 90,000 Manitobans in April alone.

Crosstown Civic will make a cash donation for food.

About Winnipeg Harvest

Crosstown Civic remains committed to supporting our communities, now more than ever. A donation to MSP would open up more shelter space. A donation to Siloam Mission would allow them to continue feeding their patrons. A donation to Winnipeg Harvest would allow them to continue offering food to their usual patrons plus any new Manitobans seeking assistance now that many have lost their jobs. 

We encourage all Manitobans to give where and if they can. We are all in this together.

Photo by Kat Yukawa on Unsplash

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