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Mobile Mortgage Specialists

Kyle Nixdorf & Laura Gallaher

Can’t make it to a branch for a daytime appointment? Our Mobile Mortgage Specialists will meet at a time and place that suits you! Simply fill out the form and someone will contact you within one business day.

Laura Gallaher
Mobile Business Development Manager
C: 204.999.0590

Kyle Nixdorf
Mortgage & Business Development Specialist
C: 204.997.7425

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Visit your local branch

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Visit your local Crosstown Civic branch to meet with a financial advisor to review your options and submit your application. We recommend calling to make an appointment to ensure availability.

1536 Regent Ave W.

1536 Regent Ave W.

1536 Regent Ave W.
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2C 3B4
P: (204) 654-9307
F: (204) 654-9332
Hours: Monday to Wednesday - 9:30AM to 5:00PM
Thursday - 9:30AM to 6:00PM
Friday - 9:30AM to 5:00PM

24 hour ATM service
Drive-thru ATM

171 Donald St

171 Donald Street

171 Donald Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3C 1M4
P: (204) 947-1243
F: (204) 954-9826
Hours: Monday to Friday - 9:00AM to 4:30PM

24 hour ATM service


Apply online

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Through our credit application process, you will be asked questions relating to your borrowing requirements, along with some personal information that will assist us in reviewing your qualification for credit products. Speed up the process by completing the bulk of the paperwork online here:

Credit Application Privacy Statement

Please review our Credit Application Privacy Statement

We take privacy of our member’s information seriously, and we protect and use your information only as outlined in our privacy code. You are always in control with respect to being able to opt out of certain information sharing, as long as it is not critical to the operation or maintenance of the products or services that you choose to maintain with us. Please contact us if you wish to obtain further information on the opt out process. If you wish to explore more detail with respect to information that you will be requested to provide in your request for credit products, please select the dropdown arrow below, otherwise please proceed to the application screen.

Information required to review your request for credit will be outlined in the designated sections on the application page. While much of the requested information is required data for your credit request, some information may not be mandatory, and these fields may either be noted as “optional”, or the data fields will not be highlighted.

Some key areas of requested information are as follows:

  • Information such as your name, address, phone number(s), email address, date of birth, social insurance number.
    • This information is used to establish and confirm your identity as well as allow for basic contact regarding your request.

    • We ask for your SIN in order to query, verify and accurately report credit information to credit bureaus and credit reporting agencies as well as to confirm your identity. This helps us to keep your personal information separate from that of other members, particularly those with similar names, and it also helps maintain the accuracy and integrity of your information. You may refuse to consent to its use or disclosure for purposes other than as required by law.
  • Occupation, Employer Name and Address, Purpose of your Credit Request
  • This is required when you apply for credit in order to comply with anti-money laundering or other regulations.
  • Financial information such as income level, assets owned, and liabilities owing
  • This is used to create a financial picture to enable us to assess your eligibility for any loan or credit product, and in some cases the pricing related to that product. We also use it to help ensure that the advice that we give you is appropriate for your personal circumstances.

When you apply for or accept the terms of a loan or credit facility, or otherwise become indebted to us, and from time to time during the course of the loan or credit facility, we may use, give to, obtain, verify, share and exchange credit and other select information about you with others. This includes various departments within Crosstown Civic Credit Union, credit bureaus, mortgage insurers, creditor insurers, property registries, loan guarantors as well as other persons/entities with whom you may have financial dealings or as may be permitted or required by law. It also includes partners/affiliates that we may use from time to time to maintain your product or service and/or your selected service delivery channels, including but not limited to banking systems, online/mobile banking providers, and statement service providers.

During the term of any loan or credit facility, you may not withdraw your consent to our ongoing collection, use or disclosure of your personal information in connection with the loan or other credit arrangement that you have with us. We can continue to disclose your personal information to credit bureaus even after the loan or credit facility has been retired/closed, and you may not withdraw your consent to our doing so. We do this to help maintain the accuracy, completeness and integrity of the Canadian credit reporting system.

Please note: Upon loading our credit application process, you may see a "Select a certificate" pop-up if you are using Google Chrome web browser. Please disregard this pop-up and hit "Cancel" to start your application.

Effective Wednesday, January 20, most of our branches will reopen to members. Learn more.
Important Notice: We merged with Access Credit Union effective January 1, 2021. Please continue using your legacy Crosstown Civic website, online banking and mobile app until further notice. Learn more