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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the potential merger with Access Credit Union.

Who initiated this proposed merger?

Both credit unions were actively reviewing options to position themselves for a stronger future. In 2016, CCCU board and management had developed a five-year vision and strategic plan, including a goal to explore a merger opportunity. This goal was further described by indicating that the right partnership must:

  • Provide benefits to our current and future members;
  • Allow for further innovation and growth; and
  • Help achieve continued strength and sustainability for the future of our credit union.

We believe we have found the right partner in Access Credit Union and, as a result, we began discussions in Spring 2019.

Merger Website

Visit our merger website for more information on both credit union partners and the proposed merger.

Effective Monday, July 13, our 171 Donald Street branch will join the seven suburban branches and reopen to members at regular business hours.
The Winnipeg Square branch will remain available by phone only. Find out more.