Business Online Banking

Manage your business and personal finances in one place with new features and upgrades designed for businesses.

Crosstown Civic Credit Union has always offered Online Banking to our business members. Online Banking provides free, 24-hour access to your business accounts and basic banking needs such as:

  • Checking account balances and account history
  • Bill payments (including post-dated bill payments)
  • Account transfers and e-Transfers®

Now, we're proud to present Business Online Banking for our valued business members. Now you can manage your business and personal finances together in one convenient place.

Designed specifically for the needs of businesses, Business Online Banking provides powerful new time-saving features and upgrades:

Automate dual signature approvals.
Transactions created in Business Online Banking can also be set up to require approval from two people. Best of all, the notification process between both signers is fully automated. You’ll be able to see what’s pending as soon as you log in.

Authorize users to view or initiate transactions.
With online business banking, you can authorize your staff (delegate) to view your statements online at their convenience, without the hassle of paper statements. You can also authorize delegates to initiate transfers and bill payments. They start the process; you finish it by approving or declining each one.

Pay and file your business taxes online.
You already pay other bills online, why not pay and file your government taxes directly from your business account as well? Forget fiddling with forms or trying to find a stamp. A few clicks with online business banking and you can be done.

Consolidate your accounts.
With Business Online Banking, moving money between your business and personal accounts is easy. See all your accounts at a glance—without having to log in more than once.


Connect with our Commercial Account team today at 204-942-2686 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to set up your Business Online Banking account.



>> Download your Business Online Banking guide.

>> Download your Business Online Banking User Manual.

Effective Thursday, November 12th, all branches will serve members by phone or appointment only. While we will not be open to walk-in traffic, we are still here to help, just in a slightly different way. Learn more.