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Five tips to help tune-up your cyber security

cyber-security-1805246_640 These tips will help you tune-up your cyber security and address vulnerabilities.

At Crosstown Civic Credit Union, protecting your money and information is our highest priority. We follow the highest internationally recognized security standards with our banking systems, protective firewalls and authentication procedures. Despite all our efforts, there are still times when criminals can take advantage of unaware internet users. The following tips will help you tune-up your cyber security and address vulnerabilities:

  1. Be wary of links.
    Criminals may send you legitimate-looking emails with links to your login page in order to steal your login information. Never login to a website from an emailed link—always type in the URL or use a bookmark. If you receive an e-mail from Crosstown Civic Credit Union that looks suspicious, please contact your branch immediately.

  2. Different website, different password.
    Don’t use the same password for more than one site. If a criminal finds out one password, they may try using it to log in to other website. Make your passwords hard to guess, never share or save them, and update them regularly.

  3. Always logout, and clear your cache regularly.
    Never leave your computer unattended while conducting financial business. Always exit online banking using the logout button. Close your browser if you step away from your computer. Your internet browser may retain information you entered in the login screen and elsewhere until you exit the browser—this is why you must clear your cache to erase files stored on your computer from internet use.

  4. Don’t trust public Wi-Fi.
    Public Wi-Fi can easily be infiltrated by criminals using relatively affordable technology—and the same goes for public computers. Always assume your public Wi-Fi use is being monitored or recorded. Unless you’re at home, turn off your Wi-Fi and use your cellular data for any financial business or transactions.

  5. Keep your software updated.
    Criminals are constantly finding new ways to get your information or identity using technology. You need to be many steps ahead. That’s why you should enable and install all updates and patches as soon as they are available—don’t wait!

For additional information on how you can stay cyber-safe, please refer to the following resources:

  • Get Cyber Safe: The Government of Canada’s cyber security website.
  • Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre: The Government of Canada's website for news and alerts about current scams. If you don’t find anything listed, don’t be afraid to call the organization directly and ask.
  • CCUA’s Cyber Safe site: A website by Canadian Credit Union Association that provides credit union-specific cyber security advice.


[Image by Darwin Laganzon from Pixabay]

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