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New alert features are now live in online banking

Keep track of your accounts and add another level of security to your online banking experience.Alerts provide you with messages sent directly to your phone or email when you reach a minimum account b...
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Cybersecurity Video Series

Awareness and constant vigilance is the only path to minimizing the risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime. Check out videos and materials on how to protect yourself from cybercrime including a guide...
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Online Banking Security Tips

cyber-security-cybersecurity-device-60504 Here are some tips to help you keep your information safe when you use online banking on your web browser.
Online banking is a quick and easy tool to manage your finances but it can pose risk if you don't use it safely. Here are some tips for keeping your information safe when you use online banking on you...
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Stay Alert

5053_CSE_CSAM_FB_LI_IMAGES_1200x628_Wk3_EN You can fight fraud. Follow these tips to strengthen your defense against fraudsters
In today's digital landscape, fraud is a real threat. At Crosstown Civic, we take protecting your money and information seriously Our banking systems follow the highest internationally recognized secu...
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Protect Yourself from Phishing

apps-business-cafe-coding-265626 Phishing emails are designed to look legitimate. Often they include an organization’s logo and mimic the organization’s branding. But look closer.
Phishing, or "hoax" emails and texts, are fraudulent communications that appear to be sent from Crosstown Civic Credit Union or other legitimate businesses and companies. These emails or texts try to ...
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Important: We are upgrading to a new digital banking platform. Please update or verify your mobile number or personal email by June 1st to access online banking post-upgrade. Learn more>>