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Hover before you click

laptop-computer-macbook-apple-7361 Before clicking on any link in an email you’re not quite sure about, hold your cursor over the link for a moment.
If you have an email address, odds are at some point you've received an email from some well-known business — or rather what appears to be some well-known business —asking you to confirm your identity...
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March is Fraud Prevention Month

FPM-2019-Girl-Instagram-Eng You can fight fraud. Follow these tips to strengthen your defense against fraudsters.
Stay alert and protect yourself from fraudsters. In today’s digital landscape, fraud is a real threat. At Crosstown Civic, we take protecting your money and information seriously Our banking systems f...
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Keep cyber-fraud in the back of your mind

leakage Be on the lookout for suspicious activities within your account.
With cyber threats on the rise, it’s important to stay alert when it comes to your privacy and security. Here’s what you can do to help protect yourself from cyber-threats: Take advantage of MemberDir...
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Five tips to help tune-up your cyber security

cyber-security-1805246_640 These tips will help you tune-up your cyber security and address vulnerabilities.
At Crosstown Civic Credit Union, protecting your money and information is our highest priority. We follow the highest internationally recognized security standards with our banking systems, protective...
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Protect Yourself from Fraud

The best defense against fraud is education and awareness. This Fraud Awareness Week we would like to highlight some tips to help keep you safe from cyber fraud. The prevalence of technology and ...
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Important: We are upgrading to a new digital banking platform. Please update or verify your mobile number or personal email by June 1st to access online banking post-upgrade. Learn more>>