Our Members

What is a Credit Union?

Credit unions are financial co-operatives that operate on the fundamental principle of democratic ownership – one member, one vote.

A True Co-op

Crosstown Civic Credit Union is a true co-op, owned by members who help direct the future of the organization, and share in our profits. We were founded on the belief that everyone deserves fair treatment, high quality service and sound, unbiased advice. It was a different way to approach business over half a century ago when we were formed – and we believe it is still a better way of helping people today.

As a member, you are a true owner, with access to all of the financial products and services we have to offer, and a voice in the direction of the organization. As fellow member-owners, our employees and branch managers are empowered to help you by developing flexible solutions to suit your needs.

We operate in the most efficient manner possible and take a stable, conservative approach to investing in order to maximize the profits to our members.

Who can join?

Anyone who wishes to, and meets the membership requirements of Crosstown Civic Credit Union.

Effective Thursday, November 12th, all branches will serve members by phone or appointment only. While we will not be open to walk-in traffic, we are still here to help, just in a slightly different way. Learn more.