Member Rewards

The concept of patronage returns is unique to credit unions and we are proud to offer it to our loyal members!

Our Member Rewards Plan provides each Access Credit Union member with an opportunity to share in the credit union’s earnings while maintaining a strong equity position.

The amount a member receives is based on:

  1. Interest earned on non-registered deposits; and
  2. Interest paid on lending products.

As part of our merger commitment, both credit unions agreed that the new credit union will focus on maximizing the ability to pay patronage to members as part of the cooperative values and belief that members should share in our profits.

A new enhanced patronage program with the objective of paying bonuses in cash to members is in development and we look forward to sharing more details in the coming months.

2020 Patronage Payment Schedule




February 18

Share allocations paid to Surplus Share account.

Crosstown Civic

February 19

Patronage allocations paid to Surplus Share account.

Crosstown Civic

February 20

Eligible members may transfer their new surplus shares to RRSP surplus shares.

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March 22

Announcement of AGM, Patronage Allocation, and Cash Redemption.

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March 23

Cash redemption of a portion of surplus shares to members’ chequing or savings account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Member Rewards Plan work?

After satisfying requirements for reserves, the Board of Directors may set aside a portion of earnings for members who have borrowed and saved at the Credit Union.

Members can benefit from two components of the Member Rewards Plan:

  1. patronage; and
  2. share allocation.

Patronage and share allocations are distributed to members in the form of Surplus Shares. This ensures a strong equity base for the future of Access Credit Union and also ensures that the members benefit in relation to their utilization of Credit Union services.